Bi-fold doors are the ideal home improvement product, allowing you to open up your home, create the feeling of more space and bring in more natural light. These are all important factors for the modern home and will make a significant difference to your way of life.

We are installation experts and can offer you a range of bi-fold doors from leading brands. Talk to the team and find out more – we will be happy to arrange an initial visit where we can see your property for ourselves. We will then be able to recommend the best bi-fold door systems for you.

The benefits of bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are the ideal space-saving solution. You won’t need to install a conservatory to have a lighter, brighter room. Choose bi-fold doors to open up your home and make it feel instantly more spacious.

Here are some of the key benefits of bi-fold doors:

  • You can merge the indoors with the outdoors, simply by opening up your doors. Combine the space and make it feel more open during the warm summer months.
  • Get better ventilation inside your home. Ventilation is always good for a property, and it is a useful way to cool your home down and bring in a breeze during the summer.
  • Get more use from your outdoor space. Open your doors out onto a patio area to create a seamless transition between inside and out. You will find you can get more use from your garden.
  • There are lots of designs that will perfectly complement your home. Aluminium bi-fold doors are naturally slimline, meaning more room for glazing and more natural light.
  • Bi-fold doors are easy to operate and incredibly lightweight. Gliding systems allow them to be opened easily with just a very light touch, even if the door has a large surface area.


We offer bi-fold doors from 3 leading brands, to give you plenty of choice depending on your individual taste, property and budget. These are:

Schuco bi-fold doors

Well-respected bi-fold door manufacturers who focus on being environmentally friendly and sustainable. They offer a range of aluminium bi-fold systems that help improve a living environment.

Origin bi-fold doors

Premium aluminium doors made from quality metal and designed to have a slimline profile. They come with a 20-year guarantee to assure you that your doors will be of the very highest quality.

AluK bi-fold doors

AluK bi-fold doors are ideal for flexibility, security and practicality. If you want a door that can be customised and made to suit your needs, you will have a wide choice of door furniture.


We are the ideal home improvements company to supply and install your bi-fold doors. We will come and carry out a full site survey beforehand, establishing your needs and making sure we find the right products to meet them.