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Aluminium doors in Kent and Surrey

As seasoned providers and installers of a diverse array of aluminium entrance doors, our dedication lies in delivering the foremost brands from some of the most renowned names in the aluminium door sector. This ensures that you receive a top-tier product, backed by comprehensive guarantees, assuring quality and reliability.


Aluminium doors

An aluminium entrance door typically consists of dual layers of sleek, robust aluminium on its exterior, resulting in a door that boasts both a sturdy facade and alluring aesthetics. Within the door, you can expect to find a thermal core meticulously integrated, enhancing its insulation capabilities.

This combination yields a door that excels in thermal performance, exudes a top-tier finish, and is engineered for long-lasting durability – our Origin doors even come with a remarkable 20-year guarantee.


Aluminium Doors
Spitfire aluminium doors

Solid, sturdy aluminium doors that come with a 20-year guarantee. Spitfire doors will not let you down.

Aluminium Doors
Dutemann Haus aluminium doors

A well-known, highly reputable brand that will look beautiful and remain highly durable for years to come.

Aluminium Doors

Spitfire aluminium doors

Spitfire’s line of aluminum entrance doors seamlessly merges style and cutting-edge engineering, resulting in doors that not only exhibit exquisite aesthetics but also offer advanced technical features. With an expansive selection of over 600 standard designs, each door is meticulously crafted to harmonize flawlessly with your property’s unique character.

Emphasizing security as a top priority, Spitfire integrates multipoint locks into every door, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners. Spitfire takes great pride in presenting a comprehensive array of luxurious aluminum entrance doors, firmly dedicated to bringing the most innovative and high-quality door options to the UK market. This commitment provides homeowners with products that are not only beautifully designed but also remarkably secure.

As part of a family-owned group of building product companies, Spitfire offers a holistic range of solutions, including patio and bi-folding doors in addition to their impressive entrance doors, catering to all your architectural needs.

When it comes to selecting an aluminium entrance door, Dutemann stands out as the preeminent choice. Renowned as pioneers in product innovation within their industry, Dutemann has built a far-reaching reputation as a trusted and dependable manufacturer. With their customizable Haus range, you can rest assured that whatever you desire, they have the perfect solution for you.

Dutemann’s Haus range epitomizes a stylish assortment of doors meticulously crafted with the contemporary homeowner in mind. This range offers a comprehensive package to ensure your property’s entrance exudes both compelling aesthetics and exceptional functionality. Aluminum, as a material, offers an array of benefits in terms of design, performance, and longevity, rendering the Haus range a wise and enduring investment for any home.



  • A huge selection of finishes

Key Points

  • Triple glazing as standard
  • High insulation aluminium frame
  • German-engineered automatic locking system
Aluminium Doors

Dutemann Haus doors

Dutemann are widely known as leaders in the production of aluminium entrance doors. We supply and fit their Haus product range, a contemporary collection of front doors that come in a variety of RAL colours.

With a number of different panel designs and superb performance in terms of durability and insulation, the Haus range is not going to disappoint. We are proud to recommend these door to customers looking for that premium touch for their home’s entrance.