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Bi-fold doors in Kent and Surrey

Bi-fold doors represent the quintessential home improvement solution, offering you the ability to seamlessly expand your living space, foster an enhanced sense of openness, and flood your interiors with abundant natural light. These pivotal attributes hold immense significance for the contemporary homeowner, promising to usher in a transformative shift in your day-to-day living experience.


Bi-fold doors for your home

We are installation specialists, and we proudly provide a selection of bi-fold doors sourced from renowned brands. Don’t hesitate to engage with our team for further insights, as we’re delighted to coordinate an initial site visit to assess your property firsthand. This assessment will empower us to make tailored recommendations, ensuring you receive the most suitable bi-fold door systems for your unique requirements.

Schuco Bifold Doors 3
Schuco Bi-fold doors

These esteemed bi-fold door manufacturers prioritize environmental responsibility and sustainability in their production. They specialize in a diverse selection of aluminium bi-fold systems designed to enhance the quality of living spaces while remaining eco-friendly and sustainable.

Origin Doors 60
Origin Bi-fold doors

These top-tier aluminium doors are meticulously crafted from high-grade metal, boasting a sleek and slender profile. With a 20-year guarantee, you can rest assured that your doors exemplify the utmost quality and durability.

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Aluk Bi-fold doors

AluK bi-fold doors are the epitome of versatility, security, and functionality. If you seek a door that can be tailored to your specific requirements, you’ll have an extensive array of door furniture options to choose from, ensuring a customized and personalized solution.

Schuco Bifold Doors 1

Schuco aluminium bi-fold doors

Schuco bi-fold doors stand as globally renowned and highly esteemed bi-fold systems, celebrated for their formidable strength, superior performance, and exquisite aesthetics. They offer homeowners a well-rounded product that seamlessly complements a variety of property types. As aluminium-based systems, these doors are thoughtfully engineered to bring a premium touch to any residence.

Schuco is a trailblazing developer of various home improvement solutions, encompassing doors, windows, facades, and sliding systems. Their commitment to environmental sustainability, technological innovation, and industry leadership is integral to their mission, setting them apart as pioneers in the field.


  • Select from various RAL colours to personalise your bi-fold door system.
  • Choose your own door hardware. There are various handle styles and finishes for you to choose from.

Key Points

  • 70mm slimline frame.
  • Hook locks.

Key Points

  • Premium grade aluminium, prime billets
  • 67% lighter than steel
  • 20-year guarantee
  • 8-point locking system, secure hinges and bolts
  • Smooth-running free glide system for easy opening
  • Finger safety gasket
Schuco Bifold Doors 1

Origin aluminium bi-fold doors

Origin’s aluminum bi-fold doors showcase a fusion of top-notch materials and cutting-edge designs. Meticulously crafted by bi-fold door specialists, these doors exude a premium quality that elevates the ambiance of any home.

Fashioned exclusively from the finest aluminum, these doors possess the versatility to seamlessly integrate into any property type. As prominent suppliers of aluminum doors in the UK, all of Origin’s doors are meticulously designed and manufactured in Buckinghamshire. Established in 2002, Origin entered the market with the objective of delivering high-quality aluminum doors and elevating industry standards across the spectrum.


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Aluk Bi-fold doors

AluK bi-fold doors represent the pinnacle of design and manufacture in the industry. AluK is renowned for delivering aluminum bi-fold door solutions that are not only dependable and adaptable but also distinguished by their exceptional performance. With an AluK bi-fold door, you gain the ability to effortlessly extend your living space to the outdoors, courtesy of this highly sophisticated system.

AluK is a manufacturer of bi-fold and sliding door systems, in addition to aluminum windows. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation underscores their mission to enhance the quality of life for all through the design and production of doors that epitomize excellence.


  • Unique flush line pop-out handles available to maintain sleek appearance
  • A full range of standard and bespoke colours available
  • Option for different colours internally and externally

Key Points

  • Fully weatherproof
  • Minimal door profile for better views