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Composite doors in Kent and Surrey

As seasoned providers and installers of composite entrance doors, we bring our wealth of experience to a diverse array of property types. If you’re contemplating the installation of a composite door, Swift is your trusted partner. We’ll guide you in choosing the ideal door for your property, ensuring it’s not only airtight and thermally efficient but also aesthetically tailored to your unique preferences. Our meticulous installation ensures that your door seamlessly aligns with your vision and requirements.


Composite doors

Composite doors can be constructed from a diverse array of materials, such as PVC, wood, insulating foam, and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). These components are prized for their robust and durable qualities, in addition to providing an upscale appearance and a polished finish. The presence of a GRP coating on a composite door further reinforces its resilience, ensuring the outer surfaces remain exceptionally rugged and impervious to harsh weather conditions.

Masterdor Door 18

Highly functional and budget-friendly, you have the opportunity to customize your door from our extensive selection of styles and colors.

Solidor Door 19

Homeowners are presented with captivating designs, a remarkably secure locking system, and outstanding thermal efficiency.

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Door stop

Their selection is exceptionally adaptable, boasting a wide array of colour options, hardware choices, and frame styles for personalization.

Masterdor Door 220

Universal composite doors

Our doors are crafted with a robust reinforced door frame and fortified by a multi-point locking system, featuring two hooks, two finger bolts, and a deadbolt for enhanced security.

Furthermore, premium adjustable hinges and keeps are incorporated to ensure compliance with the latest standards and regulations.

Solidor is a trustworthy and well-established brand with a history dating back to 2004. Originating as a manufacturer of composite doors, their mission was to introduce a distinctive product to the market, and they have undoubtedly succeeded.

Today, Solidor is recognized as one of the foremost composite door manufacturers in the UK. They seamlessly combine performance with premium aesthetics, ensuring that a Solidor composite door not only exudes strength and durability but also places a strong emphasis on visual appeal.


  • A choice of 20 colours
  • Exclusive door furniture, with a range of premium knobs, handles, locks and other fixtures

Key Points

  • Avantis locks for extra security and can fit cylinder guards or other security locks available if required
  • Environmentally friendly with Solidor’s comprehensive ‘Green Promise’
  • Good thermal performance with a 48mm core that is 10% thicker than those of competitors
Solidor Door 4 2

Solidor composite doors

Solidor’s composite doors are meticulously designed and manufactured to offer customers a superior quality entrance door. Solidor is a pioneer in composite door technology, crafting doors that strike the perfect balance between strength, security, and aesthetic appeal. These doors can be personalized with a diverse array of accessories and door furniture, allowing you to tailor the aesthetics to align with your personal preferences.

Solidor offers a range of door collections, all meticulously constructed from composite materials. They are the go-to choice for homeowners seeking to infuse their properties with a truly stylish and sophisticated touch.

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Door-stop composite doors

Door-Stop specializes in crafting distinctive front doors using premium composite materials. Their unwavering commitment is to offer customers an extensive selection of doors, ensuring that with their products, you can discover the ideal entrance door for your home.

Leveraging the power of composite technology, Door-Stop produces doors that excel in both performance and aesthetics. Your Door-Stop front door is meticulously designed for optimal thermal efficiency, not only to save you money on energy bills but also to contribute to environmental conservation efforts.