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AluSpace Screening System

When it comes to designating space or creating a sense of privacy in an open concept space, AluSpace have the most subtle, sleek and efficient solutions.

Space and Privacy

AluSpace excels in providing subtle, sleek, and efficient solutions for space designation and privacy creation within open concept areas. Their Aluminum Internal Screening is highly effective for acoustic separation in both residential and commercial spaces. These solutions are versatile and understated, allowing division and delineation while preserving the sense of light and airiness. Clients often appreciate how AluSpace screens seamlessly complement the existing design elements of their space, enhancing rather than concealing them. AluSpace’s doors and screens adhere to a modern and minimalist aesthetic, which is favored by many. In traditional office spaces and homes, the focus was on creating completely isolated private areas, which could be impractical. People increasingly value the benefits of acoustic barriers but do not want to feel entirely secluded. In today’s more efficient use of spaces, AluSpace has designed practical acoustic barrier solutions that maintain a person’s presence while effectively creating separation. If you’re looking for these innovative solutions, Swift Home Improvements can assist you in selecting and installing AluSpace products to enhance your environment.


AluSpace products are constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum materials, providing strength without the burden of excessive weight. This material is known for its longevity and low-maintenance characteristics. AluSpace solutions are designed to be versatile and adaptable to meet your specific spatial requirements, ensuring they remain effective and reliable for years to come. If you’re interested in these features and benefits, Swift Home Improvements can help you explore AluSpace products and assist with their professional installation.

Fixed AluSpace Screens

AluSpace’s basic offering, including fixed screens, is designed to provide segmented privacy in open-plan office spaces. These screens effectively create a physical barrier to define different areas without entirely isolating them from external noise. This practical solution allows architects and interior designers to partition spaces in a cost-effective manner while preserving their design vision. If you’re interested in incorporating AluSpace products into your office space or any other setting, Swift Home Improvements can assist you in selecting and installing these solutions to meet your specific needs. Hinged Doors AluSpace’s Hinged Doors collection offers a diverse range of glazing, hinge, and finishing options that can be tailored to suit any space. These doors are versatile and can be configured to complement various design themes while adhering to the minimalist philosophy that ensures they seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary or industrial look, these Hinged Doors are well-suited for both office and residential settings. For guidance and installation of AluSpace products, you can rely on Swift Home Improvements to assist you in selecting the right solutions for your space. Pivot Doors AluSpace’s Pivot Doors are an excellent choice for those seeking a more modern and stylish pivot opening. These doors provide a different feel to the space compared to hinged doors, as they offer more room to move. With door sections available in sizes of up to two meters wide and the option for standard or soft closing mechanisms, you can tailor the Pivot Door to your specific needs. Opting for the Pivot Door with soft closing enhances its sophistication and ensures a discreet closing experience. If you’re interested in installing AluSpace products in your space, you can rely on Swift Home Improvements for guidance and professional installation.

Sliding Doors

AluSpace’s Sliding Doors offer a unique and subtle solution for dividing spaces. These doors provide the flexibility to leave them open partially or fully, allowing you to maintain awareness of what’s happening outside the enclosed area. This feature makes them an excellent choice for individuals working from home, especially parents who need to keep an eye on their children while working. Additionally, the rail options for the sliding doors come in both contemporary and vintage styles, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the overall design of your space. If your space requires partitioning without the cost and permanence of traditional walls or doors, AluSpace’s Aluminium Internal Screening is a fantastic alternative. Swift Home Improvements is well-versed in the AluSpace range and can expertly install these products in your home or office, meeting your specific needs and preferences. Call us for a quote today.