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Conservatories to buy in Kent

At Swift Home Improvements Ltd, we carry out the conservatory design and build process from scratch, giving you the ideal home extension. A conservatory gives you additional space, and a well built, well designed structure can add significant value to your home.

Conservatory designs

We have the capability to craft conservatories in a diverse array of styles, meticulously tailored to match your precise specifications. Our conservatories are designed with Ultraframe, renowned for their exceptional performance and unmatched aesthetic excellence. These are the different types of conservatory you can choose:

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Choosing a conservatory for your home
We are well-equipped to assist you in selecting the perfect conservatory style that suits your needs. Our range includes both Classic and Uzone systems, catering to both modern and traditional properties.

We take pride in being the perfect choice for your conservatory design and construction. Here are a few reasons why we are confident you’ll be thoroughly satisfied with the final result:

We oversee every aspect of the project from start to finish. Our team conducts surveys, manages the groundwork, and handles the construction, ensuring that we take full responsibility for the entire process.
Our team is highly experienced with a track record of designing and constructing conservatories over many years. Regardless of the challenges that may arise, our expertise and experience ensure that we can handle them effectively.
We prioritize your needs and preferences. Our surveyor will assess your space and provide recommendations tailored to your property’s specific requirements.

The Victorian conservatory design is characterized by a prominent bay front window consisting of either three or five windows. This style is exceptionally popular and admired for its remarkable versatility.
The Georgian conservatory, characterized by its flat front, offers an internal space that boasts a square or rectangular shape. This design optimizes floor space, making it an efficient and practical choice.
The Gable Conservatory, reminiscent of the Georgian style, adds a touch of grandeur to your home. Its front roof panel stands upright, creating a striking and eye-catching design feature.
The Lean-to conservatory, reminiscent of a Mediterranean sunroom, offers a versatile solution for spaces with challenging dimensions or low eaves. Its variable roof pitch provides flexibility to suit your preferences and requirements.
Opt for a Combination conservatory to create a flexible and spacious living area. You can choose between a P-shape or a T-shape design to add architectural interest and functionality to your conservatory. These designs are particularly well-suited for larger properties.


Enjoy integrated shading options that not only reduce overheating during the summer but also create a delightful dappled effect with the incoming light.
Enhance the aesthetics of your conservatory with crestings and finials – decorative fittings fixed along the top of your structure to add an elegant touch.
Select from a variety of decorative top cappings that not only enhance the appearance of your conservatory but also contribute to improved thermal efficiency.
Enhance your conservatory’s visual appeal with dentil mouldings, which serve as decorative cladding below the guttering, providing an elegant finish.
Achieve a polished and premium appearance with cornices that deliver clean, smooth lines to your conservatory.
You can select from various glazing options, including polycarbonate and glass, each offering unique advantages to suit your preferences and needs.
We can install fans and heating systems in your conservatory to provide temperature control and enhance your comfort.
Personalize your conservatory with a selection of flooring and lighting options to suit your style and preferences.