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Warm Roof System in Kent

Introducing the Warm Roof System

Tired of your conservatory being too hot or cold? You can transform this impractical space into a room that can be used year-round with a Warm Roof. The high-performance insulated roof system has been fully tested and approved for all thermal and structural standards. It consists of a pre-engineered lightweight frame, two layers of rigid insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior-grade plywood, and a vapour membrane. In practical terms, this means a solution that can retain heat in the winter and provide ventilation during the hotter months, ensuring comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

An investment that’s worth every penny

Swift Home Improvements provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for transforming your conservatory into a comfortable and energy-efficient living space. By replacing your existing glass or polycarbonate roof with their insulated system, you not only enjoy improved thermal performance and noise reduction but also the potential for significant energy cost savings. This upgrade allows you to make the most of your conservatory, regardless of the weather, making it a space you can truly enjoy year-round. To learn more about this option, get in touch with their team for additional information.

Professional Installation

Choosing the right roofing option is essential, but having a skilled team to install it is equally crucial. The team at Swift Home Improvements is highly trained and qualified, with expertise in Warm Roof products. They ensure that each roof is custom-built to your specifications and is fully assembled in their factory to guarantee quality and the presence of all necessary components. Once the unit is prepared for delivery, your old roof is carefully removed and disposed of. In just a few days, your new roof will be ready for you to enjoy. This seamless process allows you to move back into your transformed space quickly and hassle-free.

Transform Your Interiors & Exteriors

Your home should adapt to your evolving lifestyle. A Warm Roof can transform your neglected conservatory into a versatile space that aligns with your needs, whether it’s for family dining, play and entertaining, or a peaceful retreat for adults. This practical solution doesn’t just enhance your interior; it can also elevate the appearance of your home’s exteriors. The tiled roof gives your conservatory the look of a seamless extension, with matching tiles, optional roof windows, and a choice of finishes to achieve a unified and appealing result.

Industry-leading design

The Guardian Warm Roof sets an industry standard with its lightweight yet robust design, surpassing the weight of the glass or polycarbonate roof it replaces. Every element of this meticulously engineered structure contributes to its excellent ventilation and thermal efficiency, all while delivering an aesthetically pleasing space that harmonizes with your home’s overall appearance.

Unlimited Thermal Performance

We understand the significance of ensuring that any investment in your home meets your exact requirements. Our ongoing enhancements to the Warm Roof have been geared towards delivering the utmost performance for your new roof. As independently tested by the BRE, it stands out as one of the most thermally efficient roof systems available in the market. Furthermore, we ensure that every component of the Warm Roof system is meticulously engineered by our network of certified fabricators, tailored to the specific needs of each unique project.

All Styles Available

Conservatories come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and styles. Regardless of the specific design and features of your conservatory, our network of Certified Fabricators has the expertise to create and fabricate a tailor-made space that’s ready for installation, ensuring it meets your unique requirements and preferences.

Finishing Touches

Adding the finishing touches is often what truly enhances a space. We take pride in providing a range of exceptional finishing options to ensure your Warm Roof aligns with your design vision and complements the aesthetics of your home.

Internal Lighting Options

Lighting is a crucial element in any room, impacting the overall ambience and functionality. Striking the right balance between too much and too little light is essential. At Swift Home Improvements, we offer a selection of lighting solutions to help you achieve the perfect lighting balance in your space.