Notus aluminium sliding doors are market-leading systems from the international aluminium engineers at AluK. They are carefully manufactured to ensure high performance, including a sophisticated sliding system that allows for simple, smooth operation. Our customers love their Notus aluminium sliding door systems because of the way they effortlessly combine beautiful design with clever functionality.

Notus aluminium sliding door information

Find out everything you need to know about the Notus aluminium sliding doors we supply and install.

Who are AluK?

AluK are the people behind the Notus aluminium sliding door. They are designers and engineers of aluminium building systems and have become a leading name in aluminium products, known for offering a high-performance range of doors. The systems they create are designed to look good for years to come, with durable designs and quality finishes.

Choosing Swift for your Notus aluminium sliding doors

We are experienced installers of the Notus aluminium sliding door range. We will install them professionally for you, so that you can benefit from all these door systems have to offer. A door that has been well installed will be more thermally efficient, more aesthetically pleasing and will last much longer.

Contact us to talk about your aluminium sliding door options. We will discuss your choices with you and help you find the aluminium door system that is perfect to meet your needs. Our surveyors know our product range thoroughly and will be able to recommend the right products for your home and your requirements.