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AluSpace Screening System

When it comes to designating space or creating a sense of privacy in an open concept space, AluSpace have the most subtle, sleek and efficient solutions.


Space and Privacy

When it comes to designating space or creating a sense of privacy in an open concept space, AluSpace have the most subtle, sleek and efficient solutions.

AluSpace Aluminium Internal Screening provides effective acoustic dividing spaces for any residential and commercial space. In an understated and versatile manner, AluSpace is able to divide and delineate whilst still maintaining light and an airy quality.

Clients often remark how AluSpace screens compliment their existing space’s design elements, rather than detract or cover them up. Their doors and screens are modern and minimalist in every way.

Quite often, traditional office spaces and homes focused their private spaces on being able to totally disconnect from the rest of building or home. More and more people found this impractical and, whilst loving the acoustic barrier, did not enjoy the seclusion aspect. Spaces in homes and offices are becoming more and more efficient in how they are used, so AluSpace designed a practical acoustic barrier solution, without removing a person’s presence all together.


The aluminium materials used to construct AluSpace products ensure that not only is there a lightweight strength to them, but they require little maintenance once installed. They are a versatile and flexible solution to your space’s needs and remain that way for years to come.

Fixed AluSpace Screens

This basic offering from AluSpace provides sectioned off privacy that is especially useful in large ‘bullpen’ style office spaces. It creates a physical barrier, without blocking off any external noise. The fixed screen gives architects and interior designers the opportunity to partition areas affordably and not at the expense of their design vision.

Hinged Doors

AluSpace’s Hinged Doors selection comes in a wide variety of glazing, hinges and finishing options to suit any space. The doors can be configured to match any design theme, but retain that philosophy of minimalism to not detract from the rest of the space. They can look contemporary or more industrial, depending on your setting. The Hinged Doors are a popular in both offices and homes.

Pivot Doors

Similar in appearance to the Hinged Doors option, AluSpace’s Pivot Doors offer a more modern and stylish pivot opening. Pivot doors make the available space feel slightly different than from the hinged option, given it allows for more space. The door section is available in sizes ranging up to two metres wide and comes with standard or soft closing options. The Pivot Door paired with a soft closing makes for a very sophisticated and discreet option.

Sliding Doors

The Sliding Doors option offers a unique and subtle take on AluSpace’s offerings. The beauty of this option is that someone can leave the door slid open if they need to hear what’s going on outside the enclosed area. This makes the sliding doors a particularly good option for parents working from home with children present. The rail options for the sliding doors come in both contemporary and vintage options, matching the rest of the design.

If your space is in need of some sectioning, but you don’t want the expense and seclusion of permanent walls and doors or other renovations, AluSpace’s Aluminium Internal Screening are a perfect alternative for you! Swift Home Improvements knows the AluSpace range and can expertly install them for your home or office.

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