Timber windows are the traditional choice for your home. Timber was always used for windows until the late 1970s, when uPVC came in as an alternative. However, for many homeowners, nothing is going to quite compare to real solid wood.

Timber sash windows

Timber sash windows look beautiful and will add that traditional touch to your property. You won’t lose the original look if you have a period property, and you will gain much better insulation. New sash windows allow you to fit modern glazing, and your windows will be professionally fitted to eliminate draughts and cold spots.

Timber sash window information

Find out everything you need to know about our timber sash windows.

Timber casement windows

Timber casement windows are perfect for traditional and modern properties. They will look bespoke and high-end, regardless of the style of your home. Casement windows have many different configurations, so you can choose a single window, or a frame that has multiple windows within it. Choose Georgian bars to make the look more traditional.

Timber casement window information

Find out everything you need to know about our timber casement windows.

Choosing Swift for your timber windows

Wooden windows are only as good as their installation. A window that is poorly installed will let in draughts, meaning you will struggle to retain heat. We supply the windows, and our in-house team install them as well, so we are always fully accountable for quality throughout the process.