A casement window is a hinged window that opens outwards and is fitted into a frame. There may be one window per frame, or there may be multiple windows sat within the same frame, meaning there are various options for window configuration. A casement window opens outwards using a friction stay hinge and fits snugly into the frame to keep out draughts.

Our windows exceed British Standard regulations, using galvanised steel for additional strength and security.

Rehau casement windows

Find out everything you need to know about the Rehau casement windows we supply and install.

Who are Rehau?

All our uPVC casement windows come made to measure from Rehau, one of the first companies to begin selling uPVC windows in the UK. They have now been in business here for more than 50 years, designing and manufacturing uPVC windows that are energy efficient and forward thinking in their designs. As the company are committed to sustainability and innovation, you know your Rehau windows have been created with everyone’s best interests in mind.

Choosing Swift for your Rehau
casement windows

We are expert installers of Rehau casement windows and will be more than happy to work with you to find the right product for you. We will visit your home in person to discuss your requirements and gain a full understanding of what will be possible, allowing us to help and advise wherever needed. A professional installation ensures your windows will fit perfectly, meaning the best possible insulation and security for your home.