At Swift Home Improvements, we are suppliers and installers of quality uPVC doors. We will help you find the right front door or back door within our extensive range.

The entrance doors and back doors we supply are from Rehau, the largest single producer of uPVC door and window systems in the UK. There are many designs to choose from, giving you a traditional or modern aesthetic depending on your preferences.

Here are some of the options that you can choose from with Rehau entrance and back doors:

  • Glazed panels
  • Doors with composite slabs
  • PVC panel doors
  • High performance handles
  • Excellent locking mechanisms
  • Open-in or open-out styles
  • A wide range of scratch-resistant colours


Our uPVC entrance doors are made to measure. Choose the look that is right for you, and rest assured that all our doors are high quality and high security.


Choose from our selection of uPVC back doors in various designs. All back doors are high quality and excellent value for money.


uPVC doors have lots of benefits for homeowners, landlords and anyone else needing a new door for a domestic property. Here are some of the main reasons why you can benefit from choosing a uPVC door:

  • Durability. uPVC doors are strong and hardy. They are highly weather resistant and will last through rain or shine without any difficulties. Their strength makes them difficult to damage.
  • Energy efficiency. A uPVC door is adaptable, retaining cool air in summer and warm air in winter. This makes them a practical choice if you want to reduce your heating bills.
  • Low maintenance. It’s so easy to clean a uPVC door. With their tough exteriors, these doors are also highly resistant to dents and scratches, so it’s easy to maintain the finish.
  • Customisable. uPVC doors are available in lots of different colours and styles. From glazing panels and designs to the exact colour of the paintwork, you will find something to suit you.
  • Affordable. One key benefit of uPVC as a material is its affordability. A uPVC front or back door is great investment, as it will cost less than other materials but last longer.


Please get in touch with the team to arrange your complimentary survey. We will help you select the right design for your property and send you a full quotation for the work after our visit. We will also fit your new door for you, to ensure it is hung properly.