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The residence collection

We hold the distinction of being approved installers of The Residence Collection, an exclusive range of windows that bestow homes with an added touch of elegance. These windows are meticulously designed and crafted in Great Britain, making them the epitome of a quintessentially British aesthetic.

R9 installers

We specialize in installing the Residence 9 Collection, also referred to as R9. This collection is expertly crafted to infuse a property with effortless style, achieving an authentic reproduction of 19th-century timber designs. These windows are constructed using a timber alternative that demands minimal maintenance.

It offers a contemporary solution for replacing older windows while preserving the beloved aesthetic, integrating new technologies for enhanced insulation and soundproofing, creating the ideal modern-day replacement.

The Residence Collection

What is the residence collection?

The R9 collection of windows is distinguished by its exceptional aesthetic appeal. Designed specifically for British homes, it draws inspiration from the architectural features of the 19th century. This enables you to relish a captivating traditional appearance while reaping the advantages of cutting-edge glazing technology and robust, low-maintenance frames.

In crafting the R9 collection, a timber alternative is employed for the windows, meticulously replicating the characteristic timber sightlines found in period properties. This blend of classic design and modern glazing options results in windows that are remarkably thermally efficient.



  • A range of luxury colours and finishes to choose from
  • A wide choice of window furniture exclusive to the Residence Collection
  • Authentic butt hinges
  • Authentic Georgian bar options
  • Radlington timber alternative sills
  • Trickle vents

Key Points

  • Luxury timber alternative
  • 9 chambered profile for maximum thermal performance
  • Mechanically welded joints
  • Equal sight lines at standard
  • Internally beaded
  • Made to measure to suit your home
  • Noise reduction, our standard double glazing will help reduce outside noise levels
  • A’ rated at standard
  • Multi-point locking system
  • 10-year insurance backed guarantee
  • Low maintenance